Who are we?

A  group of people making a collective statement about their values and their commitment to independent living and inclusion:


Carey Bamber, Ralph Broad, Sam Clarke, Nic Crosby, Clenton Farquharson, Tara Flood, Miro Griffiths, Richard Holland, Claire Lazarus, Tim Keilty,  Nick Morgan, Tricia Nicoll, Sam Sly, Zara Todd,  Andrew Tyson

Different people with different areas of life and work experience and skill offering their support and committed to exploring opportunities to work together.


Some of us work for ourselves, some for small teams and others for bigger organisations, what unites us as individuals is our commitment to inclusion and independent living.


This collective is not a money making venture.  We all work for a living and this network provides us all with an opportunity to make a clear statement about our values, our vision for support and for people to see what support we can offer as individuals or as a group.